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2023 Raleigh Balance Banana Bike Price

2023 Raleigh Balance Banana Bike

The Raleigh Balance Banana Bike is a popular choice for kids of all ages. It is designed to resemble a chopper motorcycle, with ape hanger handlebars, a banana seat with a sissy bar, and small (16-to-20-inch (410 to 510 mm)) wheels.

The frame is made from aluminum 6061, and the fork is high tensile steel, with few components beyond a handlebar, saddle, and wheels.

2023 Raleigh Balance Banana Bike

2023 Raleigh Balance Banana Bike
2023 Raleigh Balance Banana Bike

The bike has an adjusted geometry to help children balance better, with a lowered and extended rear triangle to help with stability. The chainstays are flared from the seat tube, allowing the tires to be wider and keeping feet away from the wheels.

Raleigh has included some well-designed grips with large buffers on the ends, which are very useful when toddlers inevitably tip over sideways.

At one point, my daughter decided to see what would happen if she had no feet on the floor, and these prevented her from hurting her hands when the bar hit the floor. A simple feature, but one that shows Raleigh has thought about the needs of toddlers.

The Banana weighs 4.7kg, which isn’t the heaviest we have tested, but it is up there. The weight of a balance bike isn’t about getting up steep hills; it’s about ease of use for a toddler.

For example, they are generally kept from leaning up against something. They will be left lying on the floor and must be picked up by small arms. They also need to be controlled by small hands – much easier when lighter.

Its rrp of £99 is good compared with others on the market. The Hornit Airo features on our road.cc Recommends £40 more with a similar frame design, but it’s considerably lighter at 2.9kg.

The Specialized Hotwalk mentioned earlier is 4.2kg and has more features, such as airless tires and a step-through frame, but costs £50 more.

Well-priced and fun to ride, with some smart, practical design choices, but heavier than others, the Raleigh Balance Banana Bike is a great option for kids 18 months or two years old.

It has an adjustable seat and handlebar to accommodate children ages 2 Years to 5 years.

The seat height of the GT Banana Bike can be adjusted on the go from just 32cm up to 44cm with a quick-release clamp for easy seat adjustment so that your little one always has the perfect fit.

Raleigh Balance Banana Bike Specs
Frame Material Steel
Recommended Age 18 months to 5 years old
Handlebars Adjustable, padded
Saddle Adjustable, padded seat
Tires 12-inch EVA foam tires
Brakes No pedals or brakes, and feet are used to stop or slow down
Weight 3.9 kg
Colors Available Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow

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