2024 Honda Goldwing Trike: Specs, Features, and Pricing

The Goldwing Trike: When Two Wheels Aren’t Enough

Let’s be honest: the Honda Goldwing has always been a bit intimidating. That massive engine, a couch masquerading as a motorcycle seat, more storage than your average hatchback… It’s the kind of bike you dream of owning when you finally have the time and the guts to hit the open road and leave it all behind. But what if you want that Goldwing experience with a little less risk?

2024 Honda Goldwing Trike

2024 Honda Goldwing Trike
2024 Honda Goldwing Trike

That’s where the 2024 Honda Goldwing Trike comes in. You get all the power, the luxury, and the sheer presence of the Goldwing, but with two wheels in the back, giving you that extra boost of stability.

Let’s face it: we’re not all getting younger, and sometimes, a little extra help in the balance department makes all the difference.

The Goldwing DNA

Don’t think Honda skimped on the trike conversion. This isn’t some aftermarket bolt-on job; it’s designed and built by Honda from the ground up.

That means the core of this beast is still that legendary 1833cc flat-six engine, smooth as butter and powerful enough to haul you and your significant other across state lines without breaking a sweat.

And talk about comfort! The moment you settle into those seats (and yes, the passenger gets the same royal treatment), you’ll forget you’re on a motorcycle…or a trike, for that matter. It’s more like your favorite recliner decided to grow wheels and hit the highway.

Tech To Spare

Of course, a Goldwing wouldn’t be without enough gadgets to make a spaceship blush. The 2024 trike doesn’t disappoint.

You’ve got your Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a booming sound system, and a massive touchscreen display that could probably guide you to Mars if you wanted to. Heated seats? Check. Electronically adjustable suspension? Absolutely.

The Trike Factor

So, what’s it like to ride? Well, different. In a good way. It carves corners with surprising agility for its size, and the power is just intoxicating.

Sure, you lose a bit of that classic motorcycle lean, but the feeling of rock-solid stability makes up for it. Think of it as the difference between cruising on a yacht and zipping around on a jet ski – both fun but different flavors.

Rolling Symbol of Freedom

Let’s not forget that Goldwings, in any form, are about more than just specs. They’re a symbol of freedom, open roads, and the kind of adventure that doesn’t have an age limit.

The 2024 Goldwing Trike keeps that spirit alive while allowing more riders to experience the thrill. And for that, it earns a big, enthusiastic thumbs up.


1833cc Flat-Six Engine: This legendary engine is the cornerstone of the Goldwing experience. It’s incredibly smooth powerful, and delivers effortless acceleration for long-distance cruising.

Comfort is King

  • Luxurious Seating: Both rider and passenger get plush, spacious seats with integrated backrests. Perfect for those long, cross-country adventures.
  • Heated Grips and Seats: Take the chill out of those early morning or cool evening rides.
  • Adjustable Windscreen: Customize the airflow around you for maximum comfort.
  • Smooth Suspension: The Goldwing Trike’s suspension expertly absorbs bumps and imperfections, creating a plush ride.

Tech Overload

  • 7-inch TFT Display: This bright, easy-to-use screen controls all your essential ride information, navigation, and entertainment options.
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto: Seamlessly integrate your smartphone for music, maps, and more.
  • Premium Sound System:  Enjoy your favorite tunes with crystal-clear audio.
  • Smart Key:  Keep your key fob in your pocket and enjoy keyless start and access to storage compartments.

Trike-Specific Features

  • Increased Stability: The two rear wheels provide a rock-solid foundation, increasing confidence, especially for newer riders or those who prefer extra support.
  • Spacious Trunk: Honda leverages the trike design to offer even more storage space than the standard Goldwing. Pack for that extended trip without worry.

Additional Goodies

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Keeps you informed about tire health for safety and optimal performance.
  • Hill Start Assist: Makes starting on inclines a breeze.
  • Reverse Gear: Helps with maneuvering in tight spaces.

The 2024 Honda Gold Wing Trike takes the already amazing Goldwing experience and adds stability and convenience.

It’s the perfect choice for riders who crave the luxury and power of the Goldwing but want the added confidence and practicality of a trike setup.


The 2023 Honda Goldwing Trike models start around $33,000 – $35,000. You can expect the 2024 models to have a slight price increase likely.

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