2025 Yamaha XSR900: Retro Style, Modern Power

2025 Yamaha XSR900

I’ve always been a sucker for bikes that make you grin like a kid, and Yamaha’s XSR900 has been doing just that since it first hit the streets.

We’re in 2025, and the XSR900 has retained its magic touch. It’s still that sweet mix of old-school looks and cutting-edge performance.

2025 Yamaha XSR900

2025 Yamaha XSR900
2025 Yamaha XSR900

Let’s talk about the star of the show – that 930cc CP3 triple. Man, this engine is a peach! Yamaha bumped the displacement a couple of years back, making a difference.

There’s torque everywhere. Rev it out, and that cross-plane triple howls. The soundtrack makes you want to ditch your destination and keep riding.

Handling with a Kick

The XSR900 has always been a sweet handler, but Yamaha keeps refining things. The swingarm is slightly different now, and they’ve dialed in the suspension.

You can chuck this thing into corners, feeling planted while still agile enough to flick from side to side like it weighs half as much.

Vintage Style, Modern Tech

The looks are pure retro gold. That rounded headlight, the classic tank shape – it’s a beauty. But don’t think there’s any tech here.

The XSR900 boasts a sharp TFT display with all the info you could ask for, riding modes, and top-notch traction control. It’s the perfect blend of the old and the new.

Riding All Day… and All Night

Okay, let’s get real. The riding position is on the aggressive side. Perfect for blasting through canyons, but long rides will have your wrists talking back.

However, I’ve found a decent aftermarket seat makes all the difference. The XSR900 isn’t a touring bike, but I’ll happily tackle a weekend getaway.


Upgraded CP3 Engine

Bigger and Torquier: Yamaha bumped the displacement of its iconic cross-plane triple-cylinder engine to 930cc for the 2025 model, delivering a massive surge of torque throughout the rev range.

Refined Roar: The exhaust note retains the signature triple-cylinder howl but has been tuned for a smoother, even more satisfying sound.

Sharper Handling

Optimized Frame and Swingarm: Revised geometry combined with a re-engineered swingarm delivers enhanced cornering precision and stability.

Tuned Suspension: Both front and rear suspension have been fine-tuned, offering a balance of sportiness and comfort.

Modern Tech Meets Retro Style

Classic Design: Timeless lines inspired by iconic cafe racers. Round headlight, sculpted tank – pure retro goodness.

Informative TFT Display: Displays all necessary riding data with a clear and modern interface.

Rider Aids Features adjustable traction control, riding modes for tailored power delivery, and a smooth-shifting quick shifter for clutchless upshifts.

The Rider’s Experience

Aggressive Ergonomics: The leaned-forward riding position offers a sporty and engaged feel.

Customization Potential: Extensive aftermarket support allows riders to personalize their XSR900.

Thrilling Performance: The punchy engine, agile handling, and evocative styling delivers an undeniably fun and engaging ride.

This bike isn’t only for some. If you want laid-back cruising, look elsewhere. But if you live for bikes with a character that puts a smile on your face every time you twist the throttle, the 2025 Yamaha XSR900 is pretty hard to beat. It’s still the best retro that thrills as much as it looks fantastic.

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