All-New 2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure: Updated & More Powerful

2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure

Dirt-caked roads dissolve into distant memories. Your boots rest firmly on the pegs, hands loose on the bars as the horizon ripples on a shimmering heat mirage. 

The engine growls with understated authority, propelling you through a landscape as boundless as your spirit. 

2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure

2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure
2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure

This isn’t a motorcycle ride; this is a declaration of freedom. This is the 2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure.

Some motorcycles feel built for purpose – the laser-focused supersport, the asphalt-hugging cruiser. The F 850 GS Adventure scoffs at such limitations.

It’s a chameleon on two wheels, as eager to navigate a gnarled forest trail as carving through city traffic.

BMW didn’t just design a motorcycle – they forged a partner for exploring the far corners of the planet or merely your backyard.

The beating heart of this machine is its revamped 853cc parallel-twin engine, now smoother and more potent than previous iterations.

The low-end torque feels bottomless, hauling you up treacherous ascents with the ease of a mountain goat.

And when the open road stretches ahead, a simple twist of the throttle delivers a rush of power previously unseen in the mid-size adventure class.

But power without control is mere chaos. The 2024 F 850 GS Adventure handles like a bike half its weight.

The updated suspension, a symphony of forks and linkages, swallows potholes and unforgiving terrain while keeping you planted.

This isn’t just comfort; it’s confidence. It allows you to lean into corners harder, navigate rough patches more assuredly, and transform daunting obstacles into mere afterthoughts.

And for those times when adventure throws the unexpected your way, BMW’s renowned safety nets are woven in.

ABS Pro keeps you steady under panic braking, Dynamic Traction Control makes the most of unpredictable road surfaces, and optional ride modes adapt the bike’s character to match the conditions. It’s like having a watchful guardian always on your side.

But the F 850 GS Adventure’s story isn’t just mechanical mastery; it’s a feeling. The wide, comfortable seat welcomes riders of all sizes.

The tall windscreen banishes wind buffeting into oblivion, making long hauls feel like adventures, not endurance tests.

The standard, full-color TFT display and its companion BMW Motorrad Connected App open the door to navigation, music, and detailed ride analysis with the clarity of your most advanced smartphone.

Above all, the 2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure is a reminder that the destination is often just an excuse. It’s the journey, the unexpected detours, and the stories born from dirt and sweat that fuel our souls.

It’s a reminder that the ‘Spirit of GS,’ more than a clever marketing slogan, is an untamable urge to go where the map fades and the world feels wild again.

Engine & Performance

  • 853cc parallel-twin engine: Updated for smoother power delivery and more potent output than previous models. This translates to improved off-road agility and exhilarating highway performance.
  • 6-speed transmission: Smooth and reliable shifting for tackling a variety of terrain.
  • Selectable Riding Modes (Standard: Rain/Road, Optional: Dynamic/Enduro/Enduro Pro): These modes tailor the bike’s throttle response, ABS, and traction control to optimize handling in different conditions.

Chassis & Suspension

  • Tubular steel space frame: Provides strength and rigidity while keeping weight manageable. It is ideal for the rigors of off-road riding.
  • Upside-down telescopic forks (front) / Central spring strut (rear): Long-travel, adjustable suspension that soaks up bumps and maintains stability on rough, smooth surfaces.
  • Chain drive: Durable and efficient power transfer to the rear wheel.

Safety & Technology

  • ABS and ASC (Automatic Stability Control): Essential for maintaining braking control in slippery conditions and maximizing overall stability.
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC): Prevents excessive rear-wheel spin for greater control and safety.
  • Full-color TFT display: A bright and clear display of vital information like speed, gear position, fuel level, riding modes, etc.
  • BMW Motorrad Connected App integration: Offers turn-by-turn navigation, ride statistics, music control, and more through your smartphone.

Comfort & Practicality

  • Adjustable windscreen: Block wind and weather to minimize fatigue on long rides.
  • Wide, comfortable seat: Suitable for various rider sizes and perfect for long hours in the saddle.
  • Stainless steel luggage rack: Durable and convenient for carrying panniers and additional gear.
  • Large fuel tank: Generous capacity for extended range between fill-ups is essential for remote adventures.
  • Engine protectors and handguards: Protect vital components and the rider’s hands on rough terrain.

Optional Features

  • Ride Modes Pro: Adds Dynamic, Enduro, and Enduro Pro modes, offering finer control over the bike’s characteristics to the enthusiast rider.
  • Gear Shift Assist Pro: Enables quick, clutchless upshifts and downshifts.
  • Heated grips: Excellent for cold-weather riding comfort.
  • LED auxiliary lights: Improve visibility at night and during foul weather.

2024 BMW F 850 GS Adventure Price

Expect a starting price around the $14,000 – USD 15,000 range. Remember, additional packages and features will naturally increase the cost.

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